Tuesday, June 29, 2010

- AAAS 2010 Annual Meeting News

- AAAS 2010 Annual Meeting News: "Science was also a key part of Obama's renewed outreach to the Muslim world, beginning with a June speech in Cairo where he proposed new collaborations between American scientists and researchers in Arabic-speaking countries. The president, said Lander, understood that the 'common language' of science could best 'express the aspiration to leave a better world for our children.'

Obama expanded the U.S.'s science diplomacy efforts with the November 2009 appointment of the first U.S. science envoys, a group that included Science Editor-in-Chief Bruce Alberts and Science Translational Medicine 's chief scientific adviser, Elias Zerhouni.

The diplomacy efforts, said Lander, were one of many subtle signs throughout the year that the Obama administration was attuned to the culture of science. The careful language that Obama used in March as he opened up new stem cell lines for research--encouraging solid research without promising cures--'was reflective of the right way to talk about science,' said Lander."

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