Saturday, July 10, 2010

A New Way to Change the World - Peter Singer — THE MARK

A New Way to Change the World - Peter Singer — THE MARK: "Grand Challenges Canada will bring scientific innovation to the developing world to solve urgent health problems.

The G8 meeting in Huntsville has focused attention on fighting disease and improving health in the developing world, where close to eight million children die each year before their fifth birthday. The challenges of global health also represent an opportunity for Canadians to contribute to a healthier world by bringing the best in science and innovation to international development assistance.

This is why the creation of Grand Challenges Canada is important. It represents a new way in which Canadians can help create a better world, using some of our wealth, knowledge, and human energy to find new solutions to the costly and debilitating diseases that destroy lives, break up families, weaken economies, and impose costly burdens in the developing world."

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