Tuesday, July 13, 2010

There’s Not Only Disunion in the Mediterranean - Heartland - Limes

There’s Not Only Disunion in the Mediterranean - Heartland - Limes: "There’s Not Only Disunion in the Mediterranean
by Mario Rino Me
Frozen conflicts, unsolved crisis and enduring disputes still affect large parts of the Mare Nostrum, making them unsafe. But the growing interdependence of coastal states makes it possible to ease the tensions. The EU should have a say.
The Mare Nostrum still holds a negative reputation as a result of its security track. In fact a variety of frozen conflicts, unresolved crisis and enduring disputes, have made it one of the main areas of concern. As a consequence many writings on this subject reflect a view stemming from the above sketched geopolitical perspective. Yet, they give us only a part of today’s snapshot, in keeping with today’s media, where synthesis and emotional images are at a premium. Actually the recent history of the Mediterranean shows that the (few) good news are often overshadowed by the more frequent bad news. Therefore, I’ll try to provide you with a broader view and to demonstrate that the glass is half full."

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